Aqua Lung SolAfx 8mm Scuba Wetsuit Review April 22 2015

Aqua Lung’s SolAfx wetsuit takes wetsuits (semi-drysuits, really) up to new level, directly competing with drysuits when it comes to insulating performance. The entire suit is made from Aqua Flex neoprene, with 8mm of protection around the torso and 7mm for the arms and legs. Seals on the SolAfx include a Plasmaloc water-resistant zipper across the chest, water dam for the head and shoulders, and gasket seals on the forearms and calves. The result is a wetsuit as sealed up as anything on the market, with a torso that is a little thicker than standard. As one might expect for a cold-duty exposure suit, the SolAfx has a built-in hood. The suit also has layered neoprene knee pads. Aqua Lung rates the suit for waters as chilly as 48 F (9 C), but consumers have reported it as a warm, comfortable suit for temperatures as cold as 45 F. Owners have also described the suit as a flexible, comfortable suit which is easy to get on, despite its bulky weight, and LeisurePro users gave it a sterling 5-Flag rating. Overall, the Aqua Lung SolAfx presents an alternative to drysuits for most cold water divers, and those who don’t like the bulk and awkward hoses of a drysuit should love the SolAfx.

This review was conducted by Dive Gear Reviews