Hammerhead Migration Weekend 2015 April 05 2015

The Hammerhead Migration weekend 2015 is a three-night package from November 23 until November 26 2015. Hundreds and possibly thousands of Hammerhead Sharks and other fish species migrate to the Protea reefs each year. Divers spend three nights and four days at the self-catering accommodation while experiencing an adrenalin-filled adventure with four reef dives. The minimum requirements divers should have are advanced Scuba diving qualification and a minimum of 25 logged dives as scuba diver.

Divers can expect to possibly view dolphins, bull sharks, pelagic thresher sharks, tiger shark, as well as scalloped hammerhead sharks. Three species of hammerheads, the occasional great white shark, many rays, fish of various species and all sorts of sea creatures are encountered. The average size of hammerheads that divers can expect to encounter, are around 13.8 feet maximum, with the average usually around 9-feet. You will see hundreds of sharks, and sea creatures of all shapes, sizes, and types. Hammerhead sharks migrate each year to the reef of Protea Banks, divers experience a sight that remains with them as an ultimate adventure, and adrenalin filled experience. Equipment hire is not included but divers get air fills, tanks, and weights at diving location.

Unmistakably the best location in the world, guaranteed! The Protea Banks are the ideal location where divers from around the world get together each year. The Kwa-Zulu Natal south coast is renowned as the best location for shark diving in the world. Seasoned groups of divers for the adventure of a lifetime seasonally frequent the reefs between Protea banks and Aliwal Shoal. Around 7.5 kilometers from the beach lays the reef, which is around 800 meters wide and a length of 6 kilometers. Sea life at its best with uncountable amounts of sea life apart from the migration of hammerhead Sharks to be enjoyed during all four amazing dives. Stay in self-catering luxury less close to the ocean and breath-taking sea views with all convenient appliances and amenities.

You should be an experienced diver to dive in conditions as such, as you will experience at the Hammerhead Migration Weekend 2015. The depths vary from 30 to 40 meters and experienced divers will have adventure that remains with them for a lifetime. Experienced divers also have an opportunity to participate in an optional shark course, which will enrich their experience significantly.